The Story of Our Poms Yogi and Teddy

Our boys are two brothers from very different mothers!  A lot of you probably wonder about how exactly we met our Pomeranians Yogi and Teddy, so we’ll explain their stories here.

herman cain-brothers from a different mother
"Teddy the pomeranian--you are Yogi's brother from another mother!" Love, Herman

Yogi (2007-2011)

When I (Janice) first laid eyes on Yogi in 2007 it was love at first sight.  I got referred by a neighbor to a pom breeder who had a long history of breeding poms for show competitions.  At the time, Yogi was 2 years old and wasn’t considered eligible to show simply because one testicle did not descend.  Regardless of his “flaw” I knew he was gorgeous (and so did he)!

yogi the pomeranian in sweater and tie
"B***ch I am gorgeous!" --Yogi

We (JJ and Janice) joke that Yogi was our bargain barrel dog because Janice paid only $400 for him.  You may think that’s a ton of money, but average puppies from this specific breeder were selling between $800-$1,000!  Yogi actually wasn’t among the group of puppies for sale but was getting groomed by the breeder who was waiting for us to arrive.  Since the Yogster was older, he was difficult to sell and the breeder had stopped trying!  This serendipitous encounter really struck us, and he was brought home 2 days later.  We were both first-time dog owners with Yogi, and our lives were forever transformed.

Fast forwarding to 2011, we spent five wonderful life-transforming years with Yogi when he was involved in a tragic accident.  Even now, tears are forming because we miss him so much.  This site is dedicated to him because we wanted his kind, cheerful, paw-sitive spirit to live on.

Teddy (~2005-today)

After much consideration we decided to open our hearts and home to another pomeranian.  Since the breeder route was the only one we had experience with, we naturally tried contacting Yogi’s breeder again.  Unfortunately, we found out that he passed away from cancer in 2010, which made us wonder if we were meant to be pom owners again.

The vet who helped us cremate Yogi suggested going to a website called petfinder where adoptable animals are listed with pictures and bios.  Before actively searching for another dog we decided that we wanted our next dog to be an older pom who would fit into a calm, relaxed environment. (Once you reach your late twenties you prefer relaxed, low-key events to crazy parties—who would have guessed? ;-)).  We stumbled upon Teddy’s page. Teddy had a blurry picture but still looked cute. His rescue caretaker estimated that he was between 6 to 9 years young.  We made the trip to the home, tried not to let show that we were slightly fazed entering a house of 10+ dogs, spotted Teddy in his mangy after-bath phase, and brought him home 3 days later!  We paid $100 to cover his neutering expenses, and the rest is history!

Teddy the pomeranian wearing bowtie
Teddy in his usual blurry photo glory post-interview with Janice

Teddy’s Acclimation Stage

Since Teddy was a rescue dog and also naturally shy (he runs away whenever we take a camera out!), it took several months before he warmed up to us. Janice, who was used to Yogi’s energetic and affectionate nature, initially was sad and thought Teddy didn’t like her. JJ bought a helpful book called Do Over Dogs and talked to friends with rescue dogs who suggested to give Teddy time and he would come around. Four months later—he did! Who would have imagined that the scared furball who kept hiding under things and in corners–only coming out to eat–would be content sitting in our laps a year later! Over time we learned that Ted is special in his own ways, which are different than Yogi’s but still great all the same.

What Teddy and Yogi Have Showed Us

Teddy and Yogi are poms with very different personalities who came to us through two very different routes. Yogi was the more energetic of the two, while Teddy is the more calm, reasoned, and shy one. We learned that there is no right way to find the right pom, but you should know what type of personality and lifestyle you want in your pom as well as what to expect with a rescue vs breeder pom.

To reiterate–before deciding on a pom, it’s important to decide how you want your furry friend to fit into your lifestyle.  We understood our busy schedules and did not want to devote the time to potentially unsuccessfully train a puppy.  Overall, older dogs are calm, typically house trained and in need for great homes to live out their lives.  Teddy brightens our days and loves to cuddle endlessly!

Share Your Pom Story!

What’s your pom story? How did you meet your furry friend, and what growing pains did you experience? We’d love to hear your comments or email us (yogi [at] if you’d like to contribute a post!

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