Should You Buy A Show Pomeranian?

One of the decisions you have to make when you decide to look for a pomeranian is whether you want to find a show pom or a pet pom. What are the main things you need to think about? (Besides price, of course!)

  • How much do you want to spend? Show Poms will cost more, typically A LOT more.
  • How serious are you about training your dog to be a show pom?
  • How much research do you want to put into your dog’s lineage, intelligence, and physical looks?
  • Do you absolutely have to have a purebred pom?

Show Pomeranians

Show pomeranians are poms that are bred, trained, and groomed to fit the specifications of dog shows. Typically, this means that they need to:

  • fit the pomeranian breed standard (see our previous post on the AKC Pomeranian Breed Standard to learn more).
  • be purebred
  • can’t be neutered/spayed

As a result, the lineage of the dog is particularly important. Show dogs tend to descend from other show dogs, both because these parents have the looks to enter and win dog competitions and because they have the intelligence and temperament needed to excel at competition tasks. If you intend to get a show pom, realize that you will need to

  • spend a lot of time researching your dog’s lineage
  • spend a lot of time training your dog (or able to pay for a good trainer)
  • accept that your dog may be more inbred than non-show poms, since the gene pool for show dogs is small
  • pay more–often A LOT more–money for your pom (see our related post on how much poms cost)

Pet Pomeranians

Of course, all show poms should also be pet poms, but not all pet poms can be show poms. In fact, sometimes you get pet poms that are descended from show poms and look like show poms for all obvious purposes except for some minor condition that disqualifies them. For example, our beloved pom Yogi was descended from two award-winning show poms but had a testicle that didn’t descend, and this disqualified him from becoming a show pom.

If you decide you just want a pet pom then there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ll still get a lovable fur ball and for much less the price of a show pom. This also gives you a greater selection of poms to choose from so it’s likely you’ll find the right pom faster.

Finally, a pomeranian that doesn’t meet the show pom standards can still compete in obedience or agility trials, where only performance counts.

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