Poms and Small Dog Syndrome

Pomeranians are small, fluffy, and cute! They make you just want to hold them and cater to their every whim. How can you resist that teddy bear snout, that shaggy coat, that puffy tail?

But it’s exactly these qualities that make pom owners particularly vulnerable to small dog syndrome. In this post we’ll describe what small dog syndrome is and how you can prevent it!

What Is Small Dog Syndrome?

Small syndrome isn’t an official medical condition. Instead it’s a psychological state where your pomeranian thinks he or she is “head of the pack.” Your pom basically sees you as the pet and himself as the owner! As the owner, he sees it as HIS DUTY to ward off (i.e., bark and attack) strangers, keep you in line, eat what he wants, and do what he pleases.

Small dog syndrome is common to many toy dog breeds since their owners often view them as cute toys or children to be coddled and fawned at.

Symptoms of Small Dog Syndrome

A pom who’s experiencing small dog syndrome might show the following behaviors:

  • aggressiveness especially to strangers and children
  • separation anxiety
  • ankle biting
  • jumping on people
  • excessive barking
  • destroying furniture and household items

Causes of Small Dog Syndrome

Some common causes of small dog syndrome include:

  • letting your pom sleep on your bed
  • poor training
  • coddling
  • viewing them as toys or fashion accessories (cough, Lindsey Lohan, cough)
  • hand feeding your dog all the time
  • tolerating aggressive behavior like growling and barking

Why is Small Dog Syndrome Bad?

  • Small dog syndrome is bad because it is unhealthy. Your pom will likely feel anxious all the time and eat bad things.
  • A pom with small dog syndrome is also annoying. It might bark constantly and destroy things in your house.
  • Finally, such a pom is also dangerous (hard to believe such a small guy can be dangerous, huh?). Your pom might bite strangers and attack children.

Ending Small Dog Syndrome

If your dog has small dog syndrome don’t feel too guilty about this. After all, poms were kept by Royalty in the past and these owners were probably just as guilty of causing it in their poms! But it is something you should fix so your pom is a healthier, happier pet.

To learn how please read our related post, How to Stop Small Dog Syndrome.

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