Do Poms Get Along With Other Pets?

If you already own other pets such as cats, other dogs, hamsters, birds, etc. and are thinking of adding a pomeranian to your family, you might wonder how this will work out. We explore several cases that might occur and what you should be aware of for each one:

  • Adding a pom when you already own other dogs
  • Adding a pom when you own cats
  • Adding a pom when you own other pets (birds, exotic pets, etc)

Adding a pom when you already have another dog

Dogs are pack animals. Because of this, when two dogs meet there will always be a more dominant dog and a less dominant dog.You might encounter several different scenarios here:

  • Dogs of different ages
  • Dogs of different genders

Dogs of Different Ages

Generally, dogs at different ages (such as puppies and adult dogs) tend to have a friendly relationship faster than dogs of similar ages. This is because the older dog doesn’t see the younger dog as much of a threat to his position in the pack, and the younger dog sees the older dog as so much older that he becomes like a parent figure.

Dogs of Different Genders

Like adding a dog to a household with another dog of a different age, mixing dogs of different genders together can also work out well. The one big exception to this is if you are adding a male dog to a house with a female dog that has puppies, who will be defensive against the male dog.

Pomeranian and Cat

Pomeranian fighting a Cat

Pomeranians generally get along very well with cats, particularly if they grow up together. However, if one or the other is much larger than the other then it’s a good idea to observe them first to make sure they seem to get along with one another.

Pomeranians and other Pets

As with cats, poms tend to get along well with other pets. However, this can be behavior specific. For example, if a rabbit doesn’t run then your pomeranian may be fine, but if a rabbit starts running from your pom then he may want to start chasing it.

The most important thing is to make sure one pet isn’t being aggressive to the other. Because poms are so small they can get injured by other small pets such as birds and cats. This problem can be compounded because pomeranians are known as “small dogs with a big attitude” and act like bigger dogs than they are.

Share Your Experiences

Pom owners out there who have added a pom to a household with other pets–what have been your experiences? Were there alarm bells that signaled when two pets weren’t going to get along? How did you get these pets to get along? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Do Poms Get Along With Other Pets?”

  1. My Pomeranians chase cats. One is so curious that when he’s in the same room as a cat he won’t leave the cat alone. I have pet ducks and they pretty much ignore them. The ducks tend to chase them but they don’t seem to care. Smaller animals such as Guniea pigs, rabbits and hamsters they would chase if given the chance. I think it depends on the individual Pomeranian how they react as my pair react differently as individuals.

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