How Much Do Poms Cost?

One of the first questions you’ll have if you’re looking into getting a pomeranian is how much they cost.

The short answer is that they can range anywhere from almost free to thousands of dollars! How? Read on to learn more!

Free (Or Nearly Free) Poms

Free poms? How do I get one, you’re probably asking. Here are some cases where you might be able to get a pom for free:

  • you have a neighbor/friend/relative with poms who just had puppies and is willing to give you one for free
  • you find one at the pound or at a shelter and you get one for almost free
  • you find one from a rescue organization or on a rescue dog site like petfinder that is being offered for free or almost free

In all of these cases, you’re “rescuing” a pom that more or less wasn’t wanted by the previous owner. This is a great thing–there are tons of poms that need homes! Most of these poms don’t have any issues, but you should never take a pom even if it’s free without vetting it like you would any other pom you would pay money for. (see our related post on things to look for when choosing your pom). Make sure its temperament fits you and it’s a pom you truly will get along with and grow to love. The worse thing you can do is take a pom because it’s free, and then find out he’s not a good fit for you and end up giving it away again.

In these cases, the cost of the pom is usually miniscule–from free to a few hundred dollars at most. You will also have to pay somewhere between $50 to $100 for immunizations. If you’re getting a rescue pom you’ll also want to take him to the vet to get a check up and to get an estimate of his age and preexisting ailments if you don’t know these. Since you normally don’t know anything about the pom’s history having the vet give you a rundown on your pom is a very important step to take.

More Expensive Poms

Reputable breeders are the best source of high quality poms. Note the term REPUTABLE. Reputable breeders love poms and make sure their puppies are properly fed, socialized, and cared for. They also maintain complete records about their poms including lineage and registration papers.

Poms from breeders can range from several hundred dollars for a non-show pom to upwards of a thousand dollars for a show-quality pomeranian. Our pal Yogi, who was descended from show poms but disqualified from being a show pom himself due to a physical condition, cost around $400.

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