How To Find A Cute Pom Tuxedo

Sure, your pom’s double coat works for most occasions, but how about when you and your buddy need to hit up a FANCY joint? Nothing impresses like a pom in a tux!

In this post I’ll…

  • share my story of how I decided to buy a tux for my pom Yogi
  • talk about how Yogi and Teddy liked the tuxedo
  • provide advice on how you can go about finding the right tux for your own furry pal.

My Pomeranian Tux Story

It started when I was at my local pet boutique in Boston where I stumbled upon these great dog tuxedos.  It was love at first sight!!  I was planning on having a causal BBQ later that weekend and thought it would be hilarious if Yogi, my Pomeranian, dressed in formal attire.  It was indeed a pricy impulse buy but Yogi was the absolute hit of the BBQ.  I started dressing him for other occasions such as Will & Kate’s Royal wedding, the Oscars, 007 movie nights, and of course all future dinner parties.  I started to realize I, along with lots of other people, can’t resist a pom in a great tux!!

Yogi the Pomeranian in a Tuxedo
Yogi: "All set to attend Will and Kate's Royal Wedding!"

How My Poms Yogi and Teddy Liked Their Tuxedo

Yogi was a natural showdog. He LOVED being the center of attention. Anything that let him be the center of attention–especially cute clothes–made him happy. Because of this, Yogi loved prancing around in his tux and posing in it. He did get hot in it if the weather was warm and he was moving a lot, so this is something to keep an eye on if you outfit your pom in a tux.

Since the tux was sized for Yogi, who passed away a year ago, my current pom Teddy–who’s skinnier–looks baggier in it. He’s not so much a clothes wearing dog and the tux isn’t sized for him so he doesn’t enjoy wearing the tux much. Moral of the story: make sure your dog doesn’t mind wearing clothes, and find a tux that fits him! Hand me downs don’t work so well!

How To Choose A Pomeranian Tuxedo That Fits

When buying a tux for your furry friend make sure it he can move around comfortably in it.  Yogi (RIP) was a 16 inch 11 pound baby and fit comfortably in a Medium-sized tux, while Teddy is a 9.5 inch 6 pound baby and fits into an extra small.   Dog clothes are usually sized in terms of length and refer to the distance between the base of the neck and the base of the tail.  I got this great sizing chart off, but there may be some variation between different dog clothes companies.  When buying outfits always look at that specific manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Size Length
Teacup 6″
XX-Small 8″
X-Small 10″
Small 12″
Small/Medium 14″
Medium 16″
Large 20″
X-Large 24″

Where To Buy a Pom Tuxedo

You can find tuxes in many local pet shops. I bought mine in one of these and later found the same tux much cheaper online so you might save more money buying from web retailers such as Amazon and Wayfair. (Although you should support your local businesses where possible!)

Here are some links to Amazon, a reputable online retailer that carries dog tuxedos:

Yogi’s tux is made from East Side Collection™, and retails for under $20.00 online depending on where you decide to purchase this item.  I recommend this to any pom that doesn’t mind clothes; you know never know when a great tux can come in handy!

If you’ve come across any other great sites selling pom tuxedos, or have any pictures to share, please leave a comment or email us!

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