Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Pom A Summer Haircut

With the record setting temperatures this summer you’re probably thinking of ways to keep your Pom cool. You might think that giving your pom a short haircut or shaving him is one way to cool him off, but you’d be very wrong!

In this article Yogi explains how poms cool themselves and why giving them an extreme hair cut can actually cause them to overheat more easily.

pomeranians staying cool in summer

Poms Don’t Sweat, but Cool in Other Ways

We start with a quick science lesson on how poms cool themselves.

While we sweat to cool our bodies when hot, dogs aren’t evolved to sweat. Instead, they cool themselves through other ways:

  • Conduction–transferring heat by directly touching a cooler object like the floor
  • Convection when they’re hosed down, jump into a pool, or are next to a fan
  • Panting to get rid of heat through evaporation

Summer Haircuts and Shaving are Bad!

You might think that because Pomeranians are descended from arctic dogs (see our article on pomeranian lineage), their thick, fluffy fur coat is a bad thing to wear in the summer. Giving him a pomeranian summer haircut sounds tempting!

But the same ability that enables fur to keep dogs warm in the winter—thermal insulation—also helps keep them cool in the summer. One dog expert interviewed in the Washington Post recommends against shaving your Pom unless there’s a medical reason, since sun that directly reaches the skin will transfer the heat directly to your Pom’s body.

Research on camels support this idea, finding that camels that are shaved do worse than those with fur and require more water to keep cool!

Avoid Exercising in the Heat

Besides not shaving your pom, another thing you should do is to avoid exercising with your pom when it’s hot outside.

The only way for your pom to remove heat while exercising is through panting, but this also causes dehydration. Experts say this is made worse because dogs don’t know when to stop and always want to follow you, so just because you’re a heat marathon demon (not recommended, by the way) doesn’t mean your furry buddy is one too.

How to spot An Overheated Pomeranian

Here are some signs to spot a pom that is overheating:

  • Panting very hard
  • He seems confused and is moving sluggishly
  • Tongue and gums are bright red
  • Weak and uncoordinated
  • Drooling excessively

How Have You Kept Your Pom Cool This Summer

What other ways have you used for keeping your pomeranian cool this summer? We’d love to hear your ideas. Please share them in the comments section!

8 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Pom A Summer Haircut”

  1. As a former dog groomer, I ONLY comb out my pom. I have a kiddy pool in the yard for my dogs. I also have a Shih Tzu who I DO clip but NO shorter than a # 7 blade.

  2. My Poms love ice cubes in their water bowl and will pick one out to actually suck on. Their beds are always next to a window for any breeze and most of their exercise time is at twilight. They also go out early in the morning & literally only go out for a ‘Quick one, a Hurry Up’ during the day. The only part of one of my poms I have to shave is his undercarraige because he gets prickly heat and will rub it until it gets sore, so we keep him clean and shaven so we can successfully put on anti-hystermine cream.

  3. I have to trim my Pom mix because he overheats during the summer, I find it best to do it a month or 2 before summer starts so by the time it gets hot the coat will be basically back to normal. I can’t brush or anything because his shedding is so bad and it gets to the point where he’s itchy and goes in his eyes. I think everyone just has opinions and you should do what you want with your dog if you know they’ll feel better after.

  4. I totally agree with all this as I’m a dog groomer the one thing I will say is the coat must be knot free and no matting , I have a Pom myself and is obviously groomed daily but I see many dogs suffer because there not groomed properly and have had to sometimes shave for the dogs benefit and discomfort they r in if not groomed daily as dog groomers we r here to stop the matting if brought on regular basis to help keep coats in prime condition 😁😁🐾🐾

  5. I bought a rescue pomeranian , vet thinks she is 12years+. She pants very fast even in the winter. Should I have her groomer cut her hair?

  6. I’m a former GROOMER as well and I used to clip my Pomeranian, Bailey every summer. I’d usually do a lion cut but I was younger and uninformed about the argument regarding Pomeranian haircuts and shaving down a double coat. Interestingly, the grooming school I attended, never mentioned anything about that being a bad idea ( I guess money comes first – you’d be AMAZED at how many people are completely ignorant regarding this topic – I sure was!! ) So now I’m at a crossroads of sorts because I believe in science and research. The only reason I find this so hard to wrap my mind around is because Bailey seemed so much happier and friskier when he didn’t have ALL that hair!!! His entire demeanor would change and as his owner/mom, I knew he felt relief from the awful South Florida heat ( plus the ridiculous humidity we have nearly year round… Ugh )…. I might also mention that his coat ALWAYS grew back and it grew back FAST. He was more of a Spitz than a Pom due to his height and weight ( he was not a teacup, that’s for sure!! More like a giant coffee mug!! 😜 ) and his hair was more straight than the breed standard calls for but it didn’t change the fact be had a double coat, which is the overall theme here… The other doubt I can’t shake about the insulation argument occurred to ME and it completely spoiled this topic for me even though I KNOW about this stuff through my new career as an Electrologist/Laser hair removal technician. Remember UGGS? The sherpa lined boots that were extremely popular in the 2000’s?? I practically LIVED in them during the winter. I wore them ALL the time, actually. Right up until June or July, when a back then boyfriend who was a surfer from South Africa, explained that UGG boots, which were originally created by the surfing 🏄 community in Australia 🇦🇺, are worn year round due to the wool being an insulator. I was thrilled to hear I could wear my favorite footwear year round and I’d never have to deal with freezing feet again!!
    Well, we lived directly on the beach in Miami then, so I put on my usual uniform of denim daisy dukes and a pair of my UGGS the following day. My feet were DRENCHED from SWEAT in 20 minutes or less in the brutal Florida sun!! 🌞 I wrote off the insulation theory as BS after that and I’ve worn sandals in the summer from that point on.
    Now I am an extremely proud mama of two stunning pomeranian boys and while one has the straighter hair like Bailey, his brother Yogi (!) has an enormous double coat!! Brushing him wears you OUT!!! I’m sorry my comment/concern is longer than your article…. 😋😅 I am just SO conflicted about shaving my boys and screwing up their gorgeous coats ESPECIALLY Yogi since he is show dog PERFECT. I also don’t want them to suffer because of aesthetics. I want what’s best for them both. I guess more research will be needed. Thank you for the information and I absolutely love how it was presented with the science lesson first. You must be an educator of some sort. Brilliant! I’m earmarking your page for future reference!!

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