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The Story of Our Poms Yogi and Teddy

Our boys are two brothers from very different mothers!  A lot of you probably wonder about how exactly we met our Pomeranians Yogi and Teddy, so we’ll explain their stories here.

herman cain-brothers from a different mother
"Teddy the pomeranian--you are Yogi's brother from another mother!" Love, Herman

Yogi (2007-2011)

When I (Janice) first laid eyes on Yogi in 2007 it was love at first sight.  I got referred by a neighbor to a pom breeder who had a long history of breeding poms for show competitions.  At the time, Yogi was 2 years old and wasn’t considered eligible to show simply because Continue reading The Story of Our Poms Yogi and Teddy

How To Find A Cute Pom Tuxedo

Sure, your pom’s double coat works for most occasions, but how about when you and your buddy need to hit up a FANCY joint? Nothing impresses like a pom in a tux!

In this post I’ll…

  • share my story of how I decided to buy a tux for my pom Yogi
  • talk about how Yogi and Teddy liked the tuxedo
  • provide advice on how you can go about finding the right tux for your own furry pal.

My Pomeranian Tux Story

It started when I was at my local pet boutique in Continue reading How To Find A Cute Pom Tuxedo