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Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Pom A Summer Haircut

With the record setting temperatures this summer you’re probably thinking of ways to keep your Pom cool. You might think that giving your pom a short haircut or shaving him is one way to cool him off, but you’d be very wrong!

In this article Yogi explains how poms cool themselves and why giving them an extreme hair cut can actually cause them to overheat more easily.

pomeranians staying cool in summer

Poms Don’t Sweat, but Cool in Other Ways

We start with a quick science lesson on how poms cool themselves.

While we sweat to cool our bodies when hot, dogs aren’t Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Pom A Summer Haircut

Should You Adopt an Adult, a Puppy, or a Senior Pomeranian?

If you’re in the market for a pom, you’ll have to decide how old a Pomeranian you want. Broadly speaking you can view potential poms in 3 age categories:

  • Puppies (less than 1 year old)
  • Adult Pomeranians (2-6 years old)
  • Senior Pomeranians (7 years and older)

1. Puppies

If nothing else, the experience of choosing a puppy is an exciting event! What’s cuter than a 3 inch furball in your lap, all ready for you to lead out into the world?


The greatest advantage to adopting a puppy is that you’ll get to play a crucial role in shaping your pom during its formative years. Unlike adults– who generally have their personalities and habits in place when you adopt them– with puppies it’s up to you to shape them into the Continue reading Should You Adopt an Adult, a Puppy, or a Senior Pomeranian?

How to Choose the Right Adult Pom

Deciding to go for an adult pomeranian rather than a puppy is an exciting decision! But it’s also one with both advantages and disadvantages compared to picking a pom straight out of the litter (see our related post).

On one hand adults tend to be better behaved and may even be housetrained. On the other hand the adult pom already has habits—good or bad—ingrained and so these may be harder to change than if you started with a puppy.

In this article we’ll talk about questions you should ask the person you’re buying your adult dog from as well as what things to pay attention to when interacting with the pom.

Things to Ask

Regardless of whether you get your adult pom from a breeder, shelter, rescue organization, or other source (see our post Where to Buy a Pomeranian to learn more about each of these options), there are several things you should do Continue reading How to Choose the Right Adult Pom

Pomeranian Puppy Aptitude Testing

A popular method for determining a puppy’s temperament is Puppy Aptitute Testing (PAT).

While there are experts in Puppy Aptitute Testing who would gladly take your money for them to run the tests, the truth is you don’t really need to hire one to inspect your puppy. Just use the following simple tests to get a feel for how the puppy you’re interested in will behave.

1. Social Attraction Test

Procedure: Motion the puppy to approach you from 4 feet (1.2 m) away

Good response: The puppy should eagerly approach you with his tail down

Bad response: The puppy shouldn’t be aggressive towards Continue reading Pomeranian Puppy Aptitude Testing

Pom Puppy Pre-Purchase Checklist

If you’ve decided that you want to get a pom puppy, then you want to make sure you research any potential pups thoroughly any time you visit a potential puppy seller.

If you need help figuring out where to find a pom puppy, see our article about where to buy a pom.

Here’s a checklist of things to pay attention to when you do a puppy visit.

1. Age

Your ideal puppy should be between 8 and 12 weeks old. This is a good age because the puppy will typically be finished weaning, is eating a lot, and is full of energy. At this point they are ready to belong to a new home and become attached to people.

2. Condition of Premises

Having a clean, safe environment for puppies to roam Continue reading Pom Puppy Pre-Purchase Checklist

Was Bob Barker Wrong about Spaying and Neutering?

I’m going to go for a little controversy in this post so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

One of my favorite shows during summer vacation as a kid was The Price is Right, hosted by the inimitable Bob Barker (sorry Drew Carey–you’re ok but no Bob Barker!). Bob would end every show with the line,

“Bob Barker reminding you–help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered!”

But at the recent Blog Paws pet blogger convention Betsy Saul, a co-founder of petfinder, raised some interesting questions about spay/neuter Continue reading Was Bob Barker Wrong about Spaying and Neutering?

Keep Your Pom Calm During Fireworks

Fourth of July means fireworks. Which means…poms going crazy!

Those of us who want a less yappy independence day will want to make sure our poms stay as calm as possible during the festivities.

In this post we’ll talk about why poms lose it around fireworks, and things you can do to keep them calm during the explosions.

Why Poms Go Crazy Around Fireworks

If you hear a loud boom, chances are you’d duck, run away, or at least look around.  Dogs are no different. Here are four major reasons fireworks make Continue reading Keep Your Pom Calm During Fireworks